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Premier Cattle Producer in Marianna, Florida

Southern Cattle Company Website Design

Southern Cattle Company needed a website design partner that could take their traditional industry into the modern world.  Southern Cattle Company was one of our most sophisticated accounts in one of the oldest American industries.

The Fixers

Our relationship with a cattle operation “fixer” team (think of them as the John Wayne of the cattle business) led to a partnership with Southern Cattle Company.  When their team was employed to do what they do best, they wanted a marketing team from outside of the cattle industry. 

The Fixer’s Fixers

They engaged BackLight to act as their marketing arm for 18 months to assess obstacles created by previous management, identify and flesh out fresh opportunities, develop a proactive, yet, fluid marketing strategy that reacts with the nature of the industry, develop the tools needed to execute the strategy effectively, and manage every step of the process.

Website Design

Southern Cattle Company was in desperate need of a relevant, digital storefront. The first tool we developed for them was an SEO and mobile friendly, two-phase website, complete with custom copy, photography, and video. The site was designed to flex with ever-changing cattle images, data, and sales information. The second phase consisted of developing an e-commerce platform for cattle by-product, agriculture commodities, and brand merchandise sales.

12 O’Clock

That’s cattle speak for something being at its peak. Our efforts launched Southern Cattle Company into the global marketplace. Their annual bull sale garnered their highest attendance and gross sales ever at just under $1,000,000.

More Cowbell

Next, check out our Southern Cattle Company videography on our YouTube channel.  Nothing expresses a client’s message more clearly than a thoughtfully produced video that speaks the language of their target audience. 

Then, check out more of our website design at Pineland PCH website.


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