MBC Print Ad Campaign

branding print ad campaign

Need When the 4th generation of cattlemen took over the family business, the Moseley Brothers wanted to brand the company to resonate with their multi-generational customers. Introducing this new brand in the Georgia Cattlemen’s Association’s magazine, Georgia Cattleman, was a key strategy.

Solution Complexities exist when branding a product or service into a new perspective while retaining the strengths of an existing brand. Although Moseley Brothers Cattle represents a new company with improved management with a greater focus on efficiency, they also share the long-held family values rooted back four generations. Our goal was to define that 1. they are the same family with the same service and 2. they work tirelessly in innovative ways to promote their clients cattle. We created an ad campaign that was different than their contemporaries focusing on the core message visually supporting their innovative marketing tactics.


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