Agri Land Realty Web Design and Photography

real estate firm specializing in farm and hunting land in southwest georgia, southeast alabama, north florida

Need Agri Land Realty, a small boutique real estate company specializing in buying and selling farm land and hunting land in Southwest Georgia, Southeast Alabama, and North Florida, opened their doors and wanted a powerful user-friendly internet presence.

Solution Our solution was one in which we wanted to speak to the lifestyle of landowner whether buying or selling. We wanted to communicate the value in our client’s specialty being a farmer, avid hunter, and overall sportsman. So they know what their buyers are looking for and how to leverage that network to their clients whom wish to sell. We built a very functional site that gives you the meat and potatoes front and center so ease of navigation was critical. Our photography connects to the heart of landowner. To this region, peanuts, whitetail deer, cotton, quail, corn, wild turkey, doves, and ducks rein supreme. The overall goal was to prove that our client deeply understands what is important.


  • Website Design
  • Photography