I Was Lost But Now I Can be Found…Checking Insights on Facebook

backlight-facebook-insights-2I arrived late to the social media game many years ago (myspace ring a bell?), as it seemed so narcissistic and extremely invasive. I mean, before social media, we seemed to be a world that kept dirty laundry in its hamper, mailed photos of our kids in duct tape-sealed envelopes, and guarded privacy like it was the Holy Grail. So it was a scary thought to ask acquaintances we threw casual greetings to in the grocery aisle or complete strangers to be our friends/fans/followers so we could barrage them with our random thoughts, borderline cultish physical activities, nailed-it Martha Stewart meals, and children’s overachievements (guilty in the first degree of the latter!) and hope they ‘like’ it! I piddled with myspace but didn’t really feel it and then along came Facebook that changed my molecular structure.


I’m a self-diagnosed psychologist who has the gift/curse of automatically psychoanalyzing every human I meet or know and I’m an opportunity junkie who wants to see every business prosper. Social media gives me that fix on the daily. In our experiences, many small businesses are notorious for not allotting money or vision for marketing, much to their detriment. According to Bloomberg Business, 80% of startups fail in the first 18 months and the number one reason is simply because they run out of cash. The sooner you can get your brand and product/service out there, the sooner the cash will roll in. Rule of thumb is a business should dedicate 10% of its annual gross revenue to marketing. I tell you all that to say, if you do nothing else marketing-wise, invest some energy and resources in social media, especially Facebook. It levels the business playing field better than any medium I have utilized. It’s by no means a perfect model; once you get accustomed to the latest algorithm, frustratingly (think I just made that word up) they’ll whip out another one on you. But for a few bucks a week, you can reach a targeted audience comprised of one BILLION users. Facebook Founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, recently stated that 1 in 7 people on Earth used his social network-that’s a BILLION people, people!



When you do take that leap, do it with a steadfast commitment to providing CONSISTENT, compelling content, visually stimulating imagery and strategic purpose. You’re always ‘marketing’ your business no matter how little or much you put into it and people ARE watching. And if that’s a task that you’re not ready to tackle on your own, I know a psychoanalyzing prosperity junkie who just might be able to help you out.